SymptomSense™  ensures safety before the game begins 

College athletes want to display their god-given talent and skills developed to you. Teams want to give you the best experience on earth and ensure you come back for more. Hence, it is important to ensure the provision of a safe environment.

Safety enables sports.

Protect your environment.

Handle safety before the game begins.

Inspire confidence.


Patent Pending

Before you can watch your favorite player hit the game-winning homerun or the defense stand their ground to hold onto the lead, safety comes first. SymptomSense™ ensures safety measures are in place to have a safe environment for all.

Detect weapons containing metal. 

Prevent the spread of infections. 

Allow non-invasive detection. 

Inspire trust and safety.

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Fast, easy, and versatile symptom screening and optional metal detection.
The industry leader with superior pinpoint metal detection technology. Equipped with a wireless setup which be rapidly deployed at special events, stadiums, schools, and other large venues.

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