SymptomSense™  ensures safety before the trip begins 

Through the means of transportation, the world is better connected today. Hence, it is important to ensure the provision of a safe environment.

Safety enables transportation.

Protect your environment.

Handle safety before the trip begins.

Inspire confidence.


Patent Pending

Whether it's hopping on a train, getting on a cruise, going through an airport, or any form of transportation, safety comes first. SymptomSense™ ensures safety measures are in place to have a safe environment for all.

Detect weapons containing metal. 

Prevent the spread of infections. 

Allow non-invasive detection. 

Inspire trust and safety.

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Fast, easy, and versatile symptom screening and optional metal detection.
The industry leader with superior pinpoint metal detection technology. Equipped with a wireless setup which be rapidly deployed at special events, stadiums, schools, and other large venues.

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